Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On The Red Perimeter Of Historic Stirling

We recently talked about the visit we were paid by the Red Arrows on National Armed Forces Day in June (click here if you missed that post). Those amazing planes, however, were not the only ‘red’ features of that memorable day as these photographs  show.

Our thanks to APS staff member Louise for taking these :)

The Red Devils made an appearance with a fantastic parachute display ….

Apache and Puma helicopters dropped off soldiers as part of a fake hostage rescue scenario which featured loud explosions and lots of red smoke!

The noise and excitement that all this activity generated was most unusual for this normally quiet corner of Scotland – although Louise’s little boy was one of several children who actually slept through it all!

For those in Stirling who stayed awake and witnessed the various displays, it was a reminder of the commitment of the British Armed Forces both past and present to keeping the world a safe place in which to bring up our children. In fact, it was an amazing day all round, supported by many people all over the world including HM Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron, Sir Richard Branson and many more - click here to see the Supporters list - quite amazing!

Here at our business premises in Stirling we like to think that we play our part too, albeit a small one, in helping keep our Armed Forces safe. The perimeters of a number of British military bases and government buildings are afforded protection by our perimeter security technology. What’s more, not only are we as a company British but we manufacture what we supply AND our equipment is made in Britain :)

Retaining control over the development and manufacture of our security products has been a key part of our success over the years. That policy has attracted many end users and installers to select us over competitors, many of whom are only suppliers and do not manufacture the products they sell.

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems we can warrant what we produce and secondly, the experience and expertise that comes from being a manufacturer means we can offer an unrivalled level of Technical Support and after sales advice. Our passion for perimeter security has been, remains and will always be the driving force  behind our company’s success. So if you have a security project on which you need advice please contact us and don’t be afraid to call– we are always happy to talk!

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