Monday, August 25, 2014

Planting On The Perimeter – Security Experts With Green Fingers

As manufacturers of perimeter security systems we do, admittedly, spend most of our time here at our Head Office thinking about the technical and logistical side of things. One day it might be the updating of technical specifications, another day the discussion of a complex installation procedure for a client, another day the assessment of export contracts and shipping quotations.

In between all of this we are also taking phone calls from people eager to get more information about our security products or keen to hear our advice on a particular project they have in planning.

NOTE: We LOVE to talk to our customers and positively encourage this aspect because as manufacturers of our own security equipment we can offer a level of advice that companies who are only dealers and suppliers cannot. There is a world of difference between being a dealer and being a manufacturer!

Having said that, there are times, when we make the effort to look outside the window (literally!) and decide to focus a little team energy on something worthwhile and beneficial to the business yet something completely different. Here is a great example ....

On driving into our premises car park recently our Technical Director Andy paused and looked around. Our security technology was there, installed and working efficiently to provide us with the best perimeter security BUT there was something missing .... some greenery! So we set about making a plan. We knew where we could plant in such a way as to not interfere with the technology but we didn't know what to plant. So we sought help from a local landscaper and here is the result ....

Various plants on the perimeter with gravel to compliment

Our perimeter fencing with technology operating on it

Another low maintenance plant in the gravel border

We planted Photinia Little Red Robin near our microwave sensor equipment

We planted Buddleja behind the controller

We do actually tell our customers to have as little shrubbery as possible around their perimeter fencing so that it doesn't interfere with the system but if they follow our lead, they can enjoy a low maintenance, green perimeter too

Our thanks once again to APS staff member Louise for taking these pictures :)