Monday, September 29, 2014

Montgomery To Cairo - Security Travels Across The Globe

Perimeter security is a global issue and for anyone who might need convincing of that, just take a look at these photographs.

Perimeter fences, detection systems, intruder sensors and deterrents do not feature in these photographs; indeed, nothing from the vast array of what PIDS security equipment encompasses actually features in these images. Surprised? Well you shouldn't be.

Photographs of our technology could not by themselves prove the point we're trying to make here. The photographs we are publishing today represent some of the most interesting and colourful cityscapes and landscapes in the world and speak of incredibly diverse cultures. They were all taken by our Technical Director whilst travelling to meet with security system clients.. Some trips were to finalize new installations, others to discuss a review and implementation of new technological advances made by our in-house R& D team to further enhance existing perimeter security.

Photos taken in the USA (Alabama, Pennsylvania)

Photos taken during visits to Malaysia ....

Photos taken in Egypt ....

It is the global nature of perimeter security that has always made our business so fascinating and with ever more countries developing their infrastructure (eg. new manufacturing sites, petrochemical plants, correctional facilities, airports etc) the stage is set for our business to grow exponentially.

One part of the world we have yet to get photos back from is Antarctica but given that there are officially 0 perimanent residents and just 5,000 temporary ones, perhaps the need for advanced perimeter security could take time to establish itself there. Looking at our web stats, that would seem to be the case, for whilst we have had visitors from as far afield as Albania to Australia, Antigua to Algeria, Angola to Armenia (and that's just a few of the countries beginning with A!), Antarctica has yet to figure. One thing is for sure, however, and that is if we ever get such an enquiry our R&D team will relish the challenge of developing a suitable system to operate under extreme conditions!

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