Monday, September 15, 2014

Perimeter Security With A Rock N Roll Touch

It’s not often you hear the two phrases ‘perimeter security’ and ‘rock n roll’ in the same sentence. Let’s face it, the world of security is a serious business whilst rock n roll is a symbol of fun. So why should we, as a perimeter security system manufacturer, even think of bringing such diverse subjects together? Well, the credit for the idea goes to our Technical Director Andy Moon for taking such great photos on his travels to see our security clients.

Over the years Andy has visited some fascinating places around the world and brought back with him a richly diverse range of photographs, many of which we have shared on our perimeter security blog. The other day we were doing a little photo archiving and marvelling at the diversity of the landscapes that Andy has been able to capture. As we sorted through the images we saw skyscrapers and statues (from George Washington to Joan of Arc), giant Coca Cola trucks in the streets of South Carolina, Persian rugs in a Middle East street bazaar, wild monkeys and beautiful turtles in Malaysia and camel mounted police in Egypt. We also found some amazing background settings in shots of our security technology including snow-capped mountains just after sunrise plus one of our all-time favourites the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Just as we were becoming convinced that no two shots were alike we were stopped in our tracks – and that’s where the rock n roll comes in. We found two photographs of the same subject but taken several years apart and in locations many thousands of miles apart. The subject? The Hard Rock Café.

When Andy had travelled to Egypt to negotiate the provision of a perimeter security system for the Great Pyramids of Giza, he took this photograph in the nearby town

Some years later on a visit to the United States to negotiate the provision of our electric fencing technology for correctional facility perimeters, Andy took this photograph (in Philadelphia)

So whilst countries and their language, culture and landscape may vary, one thing is for sure and Andy’s photos prove it – the world just loves rock n roll :) 

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