Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ask A Security Systems Manufacturer

In our perimeter security blog we endeavour to disuss a broad range of subjects - from the light hearted side of our everyday work to the more serious issues that today's security industry faces.

Today we discuss something that is discussed little on the web yet is vitally important for all end-users of and specifiers/consultants for perimeter security systems. We are talking about the enormous benefits of dealing with a manufacturer of security technology and not just a dealer.

In our last post, we explained how at Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited we offer specialized security system training and how our both our customers and distributors find it to be so worthwhile in advance of system installations and ongoing maintenance programs. This is, however, just one of the benefits of dealing with a manufacturer. Other benefits include:

Assistance To Identify The Right System

When it comes to intruder detection, monitoring and alarm systems, the decision making process can be a daunting task for many end-users and consultants. As a manufacturer we have many years of first hand experience in product design, development, installation and maintenance issues. Our Technical Director Andy Moon has an unrivalled background in the perimeter security industry and is always happy to help with advice if a new enquirer is unsure about aspects of their project or what options to consider. A quick 'phone call with Andy has been a great help to many people in such a position. Please note: Our office hours are Monday-Friday 0900 – 1700 (GMT).

Bespoke Security System Packages

Sometimes a customer has a project with complex perimeter security requirements. It might be the remote nature of the location or an extreme temperature range requirement or the site might be unusually large with multiple, segregated zones each needing a different type/size of perimeter protection. As manufacturers we positively relish this type of challenge. We have designed and produced many bespoke systems over the last 30 years and our credentials (including British Government MOD product approval) could not be higher.

So if you have a complex project, again just call us and we will be pleased to offer advice from those 30 years of hard earned credentials. It's doubtful you could find a dealer to equal that.

Security System After Sales and Technical Support

Once a customer has made a purchase from us we remain available for any advice they might require. As manufacturers we are committed to our industry, unlike dealers who can come and go in what sometimes seems like the blink of an eye.

So what evidence can we give to support these claims?

1. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security non-lethal electric fence systems, we were selected to provide a bespoke solution for an electric fencing system at several US State Prisons.

A prison retrofit case study, including the story of a successful outcome, can be found here.

2. Our security client quotes page provides an insight into the benefits that our customers feel they enjoy from our being a manufacturer of perimeter security systems. We hope that if you are looking for perimeter security equipment you will be tempted to join them :)