Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How The Snow Sits Well On Electric Fencing

If you are involved in the perimeter security management of a site, you will know that bad weather can pose problems in the task of detecting and deterring intruders.

If you have manned patrols, visibility can be restricted. If you have electric and electronic perimeter detection snstalled, they could be vulnerable to breakdown or become unreliable if they have not been designed and tested to operate under such conditions.

So what kind of 'conditions' are we talking about here? Let's take snow and storms as two examples.

Snow On Electric Fencing

Snow-covered electric fence

and the low temperatures that can often accompany it, can affect the performance of some intrusion detection systems. It depends upon what system you are using.

In the case of electric perimeter fencing, it is important that you know the quality of its manufacture. Are you buying from just a dealer? If so, chances are you cannot enter dialogue with the manufacturer. If, however, you are dealing directly with a manufacturer such as ourselves or one of our official distributors from our international network, then you will be able to get peace of mind.

We design, manufacture and test all our security products. So if a customer buys our electric fence technology and anticipates heavy snow and extremely low temperatures on their site, we can make a special adaptation and fit electric heaters into the enclosures.

Storms And Electric Fencing

Electric fencing insulators with water barrier

Storms which bring heavy winds and driving rain, such as often occur at coastal locations, can also threaten the viability of electric fencing. One of the things you need to be sure of is that the insulators will be able to withstand the kind of battering that storms can generate.

The insulators used on our electric security fence technology are fitted with special water barriers so being installed in a stormy location is no problem. The insulators are also self-cleaning which brings other benefits.

Being a manufacturer of perimeter security and designing our own products offers our customers BIG advantages. With our ongoing Research & Development program our clients know they can enjoy peace of mind not just when they first place an order but throughout their relationship with us.

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