Thursday, April 30, 2015

Digging Into History - A Stirling Idea

Anyone who reads our perimeter security blog will know that we love our local history. We have shared numerous photographs and videos of places and special events in the area over the last couple of years. Last Spring we delved into the challenge of identifying local landmarks from film footage taken when our Technical Director flew over the area! If you missed it just go to the post entitled Perimeter Security People With A Passion For Stirling.

With such an interest between us all we naturally follow local news stories, especially if they have a historic connection, and today we would like to share a fascinating one that highlights the medieval side of Stirling.

Last year site clearance work began opposite Stirling railway station in readiness for the construction of a much-needed, new housing development. However, work had to stop for a few months to allow Historic Scotland and Stirling Council archaeologists to carefully excavate a particular part of the site. The reason? The discovery of very old human remains! Apparently the site was once a Dominican friary founded in 1233 during the early reign of King David II of Scotland (son of Robert The Bruce) and the skeletal remains themselves were found in an area that was once the friary’s cemetery.

The subsequent archaeological investigation revealed the age of the remains to be over 500 years old, from a period before the construction of Stirling Castle. This is the first time that a medieval site of this kind has ever been excavated in the area.

“This is real living history being brought into the light” was how Stirling Council’s archaeologist Murray Cook described the find. Great to think that Stirling has added something new to its ‘historic’ credentials and our thanks go to Louise for picking up on the story :)

Speaking of ‘historic’ credentials, we too have our own, providing perimeter security solutions not just for industrial and commercial sites but also for historic sites. Click here to view the diverse, historic nature of some of the sites our systems have protected over the years. You would be hard pressed to find a perimeter security manufacturer anywhere in the world with a greater, credible interest in history!

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