Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Perimeter Fence Alarm With Reliability

A couple of months ago when it was cold and the odd snow shower was falling here in Stirling, we wrote a post entitled How The Snow Sits Well On Electric Fencing and explained how our Electro-Fence™ product copes well with storms and even freezing temperatures.

As manufacturers who design our own perimeter security systems we know what it takes to produce an all-round quality product. The performance and reliability of security systems is not a 'gimme' because you have to take into account all kinds of additional factors that can impact the conditions in which a product has to operate. As explained in the above article, weather is one factor but there are others. One of these is human interaction.

Let's look at an example of this quoting another of our security products - our perimeter fence alarm system Flexiguard™. In the movies you sometimes see a scene of a would-be thief cutting a security alarm cable to disarm a security system, but this kind of interaction does not hamper Flexiguard™. 

Here's how it works ..... a specially designed sensor cable (coaxial cable) is fitted to a perimeter fence (new or existing is OK) and special analysers are installed to track any movement of the fence. Any intruders trying to climb or cut the fence are immediately detected and an alarm generated. Sounds simple but it's very effective.

However, what if someone sees the sensor cable and tries to cut it to prevent the detection process? Again, we've got that covered with the Flexiguard™ Closed Loop System. The analyser is built in such a way that if the sensor cable is cut or short-circuited it generates an alarm so the site operators are immediately alerted to what's happened. Even then, don't think that the cut cable means loss of detection capacity - no, it would still be able to detect and generate alarms either side of the cut.

Human interaction is something that all security systems have to be built to cope with and in the case of perimeter fence protection it's high on the agenda. So much so, that we took Flexiguard™ one step further and developed a product that could not only act as a fence alarm but also be installed on the inside of buildings to guard against intruders trying to break through walls and roofs.

We had to ensure that key criteria would be met - that there would be no loss of floor or storage space to accommodate the cable system, that there are no hot spots and no blind spots. This we achieved and the product is known as the Flexiguard™ Warehouse System.  It is particularly suited to protecting warehouses, banks and manufacturing plants - but that's a story for another day :)

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