Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Marine Perimeter Security Comes Of Age

As manufacturers of perimeter security systems for over 30 years, we have seen exponential growth and change within our industry. Our focus has always been to provide security systems that protect physical outdoor perimeters of land-based sites such as manufacturing facilities, power plants, utilities, military bases, etc. These sites are worldwide, a good example being a crude steel production plant in India for which we provided a microwave sensor protection system. Read more about this steel plant security project.

There is one type of physical outdoor site which is outside our scope of supply - the marine sector. When it comes to marine perimeter security, this is an area with entirely different criteria that have to be taken into account and hence entirely different types of technology apply.

We were fascinated to read a recent article about a naval base which got a new perimeter security system - what the manufacturers claim to be the first ever fully automated marine security gate. We certainly have never heard of anything like that before! You can read more here if of interest.

The nearest we have come to having a connection with marine security is that our perimeter security systems have been installed to port facilities. In fact, the very first installation of our electric security fence system was for Associated British Ports to protect a 75 acre site housing imported vehicles for the Volkswagen Audi Group. It's worth pointing out that whilst our security equipment was installed in close proximity to the water, it was nevertheless land-based, protecting goods on dry land! You can read more about our perimeter protection for ports option in this case study.

NOTE: If our microwave or electric security fence products are of interest, please visit our downloads section which offers more detailed information. Also available in Spanish and Portuguese:

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