Friday, July 10, 2015

Whisky, The Bruce & Perimeter Security

As a British manufacturer of perimeter security products with our manufacturing base in Scotland, if you are a regular reader of our perimeter security blog, you will have noticed that we take a strong interest in our local history. We talked about King David II of Scotland in a recent blog post here and before that we discussed some of Scotland's historic castles (Threave Castle, Caerlaverock Castle) in a special feature here.

Sometimes when we look into our local history we find there is an uncanny connection with our work. When our Technical Director Andy Moon once flew over the area and brought some video footage back, both he and Elaine Rogerson our Office Administrator remarked upon this. Indeed, such was their enthusiasm for identifying local sites that we shared the detail of it (including Elaine's own hand-drawn diagram below!) in a post entitled Perimeter Security People With A Passion For Stirling.

Today we connect our local history once again to our work - because of two special anniversaries this summer.

On 1 June it was the 550th anniversary of Friar John Cor recording the first ever known batch of scotch whisky. A monk at Lindores Abbey in Fife, he was a servant of King James IV of Scotland. As a result, the Abbey became known as 'the birthplace of Scotch Whisky'. Yes, our beloved scotch has provided comfort and pleasure for over half a millenium and we are delighted to know that our microwave fence system protects some of Scotland's best single malt today!

Read Securing The Single Malt

On 11 July it will the 741st anniversary of the birth of Robert The Bruce who was born at Turnberry Castle in Scotland. One of the greatest of all Scottish heroes, if not the greatest, The Bruce's connection to our work may not be immediately apparent. Most people, however, will know that one of King Robert's supporters was William Wallace, whose historic monument here in Scotland we help to protect with our perimeter detection technology.

Wallace Monument at dusk
You can read more on our security case studies section about how we came up with the security solution for this amazing landmark.

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