Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Perimeter Security Concerns

When it comes to perimeter security, there is an interesting connection to the weather and seasons of the year. In previous posts we have covered winter which for many means low temperatures often with heavy snowfall. For anyone who missed it, here is our post about how our electric security fencing copes well with cold, ice, snow and even storms.

Today we thought we would look at the relevancy of perimeter security to the summer season.

Summer is the key time of year for holidays and many people want to visit tourists attractions. This applies to just about every country in the world where both foreign visitors and indeed local visitors provide an important revenue stream.

Tourist sites invest a great deal of time, energy and resources to ensure their visitors enjoy the attraction as much as possible. One aspect that is often overlooked by visitors, however, is the fact that the site owners and operators also have to invest heavily in security. For many sites this means having an effective perimeter security system in place.

Over the years Advanced Perimeter Systems has been privileged to supply security systems for a wide variety of tourist attractions in a number of countries. Here are some examples ...

Museum and Display Collection Security

Fort George in Scotland receives visitors from all over the world. To one side of the fort is a building called The Grand Magazine. Originally the fort's main powder store, it now houses the Seafield Collection of Arms. We were called in to protect the Collection's historic muskets against theft. We came up with a custom designed solution which you can read about here.

Wildlife Park Security

Click here to read how we helped a British wildlife park protect its animals from thieves and vandals. At the same time of course, visitors are protected because the animals are safely secured within their enclosures.

Pyramids Of Giza

A perimeter of 13.2km required effective perimeter security. We supplied a detection system with 60 security zones. More on this very special application here.

Listed Building Security

This type of site is often overlooked in its importance to the tourist industry. We were asked to provide special roof security to protect a valuable leaded roof on a pub/restaurant which had been converted from a UK listed building. Click here for more details.

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