Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A-Z Of Perimeter Security

When it comes to perimeter security systems, there is a myriad of terms used. These range from industry-specific terms relating to the science and technology of security devices to much more everyday terms.

We recently thought about this amazingly wide vocabulary and decided it would be a great idea to compile an A-Z for our blog readers. Today is the beginning of what we hope will be a fun exercise as well as a useful information resource. So we start with the Letter A.

The A-Z Of Perimeter Security: A Is For

Having an effective and reliable alarm is what everyone wants in a good perimeter security system. What's interesting is that perimeter security alarms can vary in technology, installation and purpose. There is no one single type. We manufacture two types of security fence alarm:

Flexiguard™ - a sensor cable fitted to an existing perimeter fence or in/on a warehouse. Read more on a previous blog post Perimeter Alarm With Reliability
Microguard™ - a microwave sensor system. Read more about it in our post here Between them these alarms cover many types of site and can even be used in combination.

An electric security fence needs protection against lightening strikes. As part of our Electro-Fence™  system we have a lightening arrestor which can be used to protect the electrified fence. Mounted on a fence post at the start of a 'zone' and connected to an earth cable, the arrestor works by diverting the lightening to ground. The output from the electric fence controller is connected through the lightening arrestor. Read more here

The value of have quality assistance available to a security client cannot be underestimated. Both before and after a system installation, there can be many technical questions to be answered. Sometimes a project is complex and requires a custom build. Sometimes the client wants to have their own on-site engineers trained in both installation and management/maintenance of their new security system.

This is where being a manufacturer comes into its own and why Advanced Perimeter Systems is the preferred choice for many companies.

We have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of perimeter security systems. We can custom build a system and offer in-house specialized Technical Training at our Head Office in Stirling, Scotland. We also have an established international network of Distributors who can provide the all important 'local' contact.