Thursday, November 12, 2015

B Is For Barriers When It Comes To Security

Recently we started writing about the A-Z of Perimeter Security and today we consider the letter B.

A-Z Of Perimeter Security: B is for

Well, a whole variety of things actually! When it comes to perimeter security there are so many terms that begin with the letter B, so we decided to select four very different examples: physical security, a security client, a security application and a post from our Technical Director's Travelogue.

Barriers (Perimeter Protection)

Microwave Barriers Intrusion Detection

Physical barriers are always going to be popular when providing a perimeter security solution for an outdoor site. There is a wide choice of physical barrier - it might be a perimeter fence (palisade, weldmesh or other) or a series of security gates (manual or motorized) or even a high stone wall. There is also another type of barrier which we have developed as part of our ongoing Research & Development program - microwave barrier technology. This is our Microguard™ product, an extremely effective and increasingly popular form of intrusion detection system using microwave sensors.

BNFL (Perimeter Security Client)

British Nuclear Fuels in the UK have been a client for a number of years. Our Electro-Fence™ Flexitop (flexible electrified topping for a perimeter fence as pictured left) was installed in a number of nuclear power plants operated by BNFL.

The power generation industry is a key component of any country's infrastructure, so effective and reliable security is paramount. Click here to read more about our power plant security work to date.

Brewery Security (Application)

Breweries may not be the first application you think of when it comes to perimeter security needs. However, the brewing industry takes its security very seriously and it's easy to see why. Breweries and other drink/beverage producers have become increasing targets for theft in the last few years.

We supplied one of Europe's largest breweries with electric fence security which you can read about on our brewery security case study page.

Blocked (Perimeter Security Travels In The Snow)

Blocked In By Snow In Minnesota
Sounds odd? Not if you're our Technical Director Andy Moon who travels extensively to visit clients and distributors around the world. With winter soon approaching, we thought we would include this in our perimeter security alphabet as a reminder of our company's extensive experience in many countries around the world. Read more on the subject of Andy's encounter with snow in Minnesota in an archived post from his Travelogue: On The Perimeter Of Snow.

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