Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Distribution Warehousing: Detection & Deterrent Security

Distribution warehouses, or distribution centers as they are more commonly referred to in the USA, are becoming increasingly important in modern life. The linkpin between manufacturers, distributors and retailers, they are essential for the storage of products en route from one party to the other. At the end of this chain is the retail customer. Whether it's food or electronics, clothing or furniture, good perimeter security is vital for a distribution warehouse to function properly.

Large consignments of commodities are usually in storage awaiting onward distribution and, as such, warehouse facilities are common targets for theft. Today we take a look at the kind of security solution that is available and most effective. We also wanted to cover the letter 'D' in our alphabet of perimeter security so it's an ideal opportunity to talk about Distribution warehouse security!

Distribution Warehousing

Security for a warehouse has not just one but two different aspects that have to be covered. First of all, the perimeter fence around the compound where the building stands has to be secured. Second comes the building itself with its roof, doors and walls being potential for intruder entry.


The best solution is a system that will detect intruders should they attempt to force entry through a wall, door or the roof. The Flexiguard™ Warehouse System is ideally suited to this application. A good example is its installation for the Next group in the UK where it was selected as the product of choice to protect giant distribution warehouses (soccer pitch size). The project required non-standard analysers for premium security which we were able to research, design and produce in-house. From the moment it was installed the system worked perfectly.


If a client has particularly valuable stock stored in their distribution warehousing, additional perimeter security is sometimes required. This usually comes in the form of high security electric fencing around the perimeter of the warehouse compound. Whilst the system has a detection capability, its main purpose is as a deterrent. The signs around the compound alone often do the trick!

Getting A Quotation

If you think it is difficult to find a suitable solution for your warehouse perimeter protection, think again. Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems we can readily make an assessment of your needs and provide a solution involving our Flexiguard™ Warehouse System. Just let us know:
  • Warehouse/Cage size (length and width) 
  • Type of construction of your warehouse roof and walls 
  • Number of zones 
  • Number of roof apexes, skylights, roof purlins from gutter to apex 
  • Number of doors, whether roller shutter or fire exit
Contact us today and we will be pleased to help. With distributors in 30 countries around the world we can offer a premium service that includes the all-important factors of design and manufacture.