Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fence Flexibility & Fog

Today we look at the letter 'F' in the context of perimeter security systems and talk about three important factors. Understanding how fog comes into the equation might be a little obscure for some of our readers but bear with us and all will be revealed :)


When it comes to outdoor perimeter security, selecting the most effective type of fence is a primary consideration.

A security fence can come in a variety of forms. For high security sites an integrated security system (aka holistic system) where the fence is just one part of the equation, is the best solution.

A good example of a fence in this context would be a strong palisade fence fitted with Flexiguard™ our cable detection system.

Additional security would be provided by our Electro-Fence™ system, a proven physical and visual deterrent with monitoring via our Multisys™ and Multiview™ systems.


First of all, Flexiguard™ is a really versatile security product. In addition to the standard fence system, it comes in three other forms which enable it to be used in a wide variety of applications:
  • Warehouse system
  • Closed loop system
  • Explosives store system

Secondly, we have an entirely different type of 'fence' with Microguard™. This is in effect a microwave fence. Using microwave beams, a protection zone can be created and if a change within the zone is detected an alarm is subsequently triggered. It can be a second line of defence behind a standard fence which has Flexiguard™ and Electro-Fence™ installed on it or it can be used in its own right to monitor open spaces where there is no fence at all.


Adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, freezing temperatures and fog, can sometimes pose a hazard to perimeter security systems. It depends upon the quality of the components and manufacturing/production process. Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems we have worked hard to deliver premium performance in this respect. You can read about the longevity and component over-rating of our products on our system quality page here.

Our electric security fence system is renowned for its performance in low temperatures. We can adapt the fence system whereby heaters can be fitted into the enclosures. We can also supply electric fence insulators with water barriers (photo below).

With microwave sensors you might imagine there to be more of a problem but it's not the case. The sensitivity of our microwave fence system remains unaffected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy fog, rain and snow.