Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guard That Perimeter Fence

When it comes to the letter G in the alphabet of perimeter security, the word GUARD is top of the list. Guarding the perimeter of any outdoor site must be carried out effectively and selecting the right means to do the job is one of the most important decisions that a site owner can make.

Perimeter Fence Systems

Guarding against perimeter intrusion can be done in different ways. Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems, following much research and development work, we decided to focus our efforts on manufacturing three quality 'guard' systems:
  • an electric fence system - Electro-Fence™
  • a cable detection system - Flexiguard™ 
  • a microwave sensor detection system - Microguard™
The systems work on entirely different scientific principles. Each can work well as a selected stand-alone security system but also in combination with each other. Note: Electro-Fence™ can also be supplied as a free standing or stand alone electric fence providing secondary perimeter security within an existing perimeter wall or fence on the outer part of the site. 

Let us demonstrate this by taking the example of a manufacturer's yard whose perimeter is secured with all three of our systems.

Electric Fence System

First of all, the electric fence was installed on the perimeter palisade fence and then attached to the access gates within the fence. So the entire perimeter including secondary perimeter access carries electrified fencing security. Read more about how electric fence gates can be set up.

Cable Detection System

This was installed on the palisade fence and also the walls, doors and roof of the warehouse within the manufacturer's yard. Interior intrusion detection is particularly important for warehouses.

Microwave Fence

Microwave intrusion detection sensors were installed as a second barrier behind the palisade perimeter fence. This photograph exemplifies how different systems can work together. On the left is one of the microwave sensor panels and on the right is an electric fencing controller box.

Guarding the perimeter of outdoor premises presents many challenges but with the kind of products we are able to manufacture and supply, we are confident the future is bright for our customers. Whether you require a single perimeter fence system or a combination as part of an integrated security system, we can provide the appropriate solution including perimeter management and monitoring technology.

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