Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Securing Our History & Our Homes

When it comes to protecting what we love there are fewer subjects more emotive than our homes and our history. For human beings the world over, we need to feel that our families are secure and safe and that our cultural heritage is preserved for future generations.

One of the ways to protect homes and history is to ensure that effective perimeter security is installed. The size and scale of perimeter is going to vary enormously of course and different sites may require different types of security system including a fully integrated perimeter security system. We take a look at some examples that highlight the options available.

Home Security (Large Properties, Condos)

We manufacture and supply industrial standard perimeter security which means that homes best suited to installing our technology are large properties with a sizeable perimeter to have to protect. These homes can be either large private properties or condominiums. The photograph below shows a condominium which had a previously established concrete perimeter wall but which needed additional security which we supplied in the form of electric security fencing. Read more about this type of residential perimeter security including case study notes on properties in Nigeria and Antigua.

Condo perimeter wall with electric fence on top

Historical Site Security

There are many types of historical site that need perimeter protection such as castles, museums and monuments. What's more we have helped sites that fall into all three categories including castles in Wales, monuments in Egypt and Scotland and properties with a historic significance belonging to the National Trust and English Heritage.

In some cases, electric fencing has been installed, in others a series of microwave detection sensors but in the majority of instances the product of choice has been our fence-mounted detection system Flexiguard™.
Security fence around historical monuments

The photograph above was taken on the perimeter of one of the most historic tourist sites in the world, the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Our fence detection system forms a core part of the security on the site's perimeter.

Camel police patrolling the pyramids seen through the perimeter fence

Here is a special feature from our blog archives called 'Camel Mounted Security In Egypt' where we first published this photo.

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