Monday, June 27, 2016

India, Iron Ore, Steel Plants & Airport Security

According to a report by one of the leading international auditing companies, the next 30 years will probably see a significant change in the world's economic standings, country by country. One of the biggest predicted changes is that India, currently the world's seventh largest economy by nominal GDP, will grow at an annualized average of 8% and become the fastest growing economy on earth between now and 2050.

India and Iron Ore

Large iron or reserves are just one of the indigenous factors that will play a part in this scenario. India is already the world's 4th largest producer and 3rd largest exporter of iron ore. Here is an article on iron ore production and distribution in India.

Steel production one of the industries that benefits from these rich reserves and one of the off-shoots is that there is now a significant number of major steel production plants in India. Here is an example of how one steel plant chose microwave sensor security for its perimeter protection - a sign that the plant owners take their security seriously and want to have the latest technologies in place.

Whilst writing about perimeter security in India, it occurred to us that we could add another subject beginning with the letter I into this post. It also happens to be relevant to India as well!

International Airports

Another area of expansion in India in recent years has been the construction of airports and airfields. We supplied perimeter security technology to help protect the perimeter of the Rajiv Gandhi International airport near Hyderabad. Constructed in 2008, we supplied a combination of electric fence security and a special monitoring system that were to become the core elements of a fully integrated security solution.

Airliner ready for take-off at Rajiv Ghandi International Airport

Our proven track record in providing security solutions for large perimeters plus having an excellent, well trained and established distributor in India all helped to give the primary contractor and the client confidence that we were the right partner for the project.

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