Monday, January 23, 2017

Let There Be LAN - Perimeter Security A-Z

It's been a while since we delved into the A-Z of perimeter security so today we thought we would cover the next letter: L. We have covered an amazing variety of topics to date (A-K) so we weren't sure how the letter L would compare. Happily, it turns out that L is significant in the vocabulary of our perimeter security systems. Read on and you will see why :)


A local area network (LAN) is used by many sectors of society and business, from residential complexes to universities, schools and laboratories.

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems we have a Research and Development programme and some years ago one of our security clients asked if we could come up with an answer to a remote monitoring problem they had. So was born Multiview™ which is a virtual network computer system (LAN or indeed WAN for a wider area network). The technology allows data to be encrypted, offers a secure logon and enables a client to monitor an outdoor site remotely from a single location. Using the Internet it can even control multiple, remote sites worldwide.

Listen In - Perimeter Intrusion Detection

With a powerful perimeter intrusion detection product such as our Flexiguard™ cable system you might wonder where the relevancy of listening comes in. The truth is the system doesn't require this to work but we designed it to have an Audio Listen-In capacity so that if an alarm is generated, it can be verified by a human using the 'listen-in' option. They can literally listen to the fence, hear what is happning and clearly determine the type of alarm/intrusion.

Location - The Flexiguard™ System

When an outdoor perimeter is protected, detection capability in itself is not enough. Being able to identify the location of where an intrusion has been attempted is vital. A site operator needs to be able to respond quickly to a perimeter intrusion alarm; if they can readily understand where the intruder is, then the greater the chance of catching/stopping them. 

With our Flexiguard™ System, the perimeter can actually be divided into zones and an intruder's location readily identified. Zones can be from 10 metres to 200 metres in length but the optimum size for an any site will depend upon whether a CCTV system is in use to survey the perimeter. If so, the zones can be designed to correspond with the field of view of the camera(s).

Flexiguard™ on perimeter of 13.2 km

The Flexiguard™ System has proven itself time and again all over the world. It has been the system of choice for many high profile sites including historical sites and ancient monuments. A great example of this is the Great Pyramids Of Giza (perimeter of 13.2 kilometres divided into 60 monitoring zones). Read more on our Pyramids security case study.

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