Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mary & Maggie Join The Hall Of Heroes

As our regular blog readers will know, we have a passion for history, especially the local history of our homebase here in Stirling, Scotland.

Here are a few of our previous posts which have touched on the subject. The first goes back to 2008 - that's how long we've been blogging about it!

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2017 is a special year for our historic city. Stirling has much to celebrate and the Wallace Monument is playing a prominent part in that.

The Hall of Heroes

On the 2nd floor of the Wallace Monument there are 15 white marble busts and one bronze bust. They have all come from different sources at different times over the years but the one thing they have in common is that they represent Scottish 'heroes' from freedom fighters like Wallace to pioneers in the arts and sciences and the field of social reform. Amongst the 15 are King Robert The Bruce, David Livingstone, James Watt, Sir Walter Scott and William Ewart Gladstone (4 times Prime Minister of Great Britain).

In 2017 it was announced that 2 further busts will be added - of women. These 'heroines' were selected for their demonstration of spirit, courage and determination, the same values displayed by Wallace himself.

Who are these women?

Mary Slessor - a 19th century Scottish missionary who worked in Nigeria and who campaigned tirelessly for women's rights and saved many unwanted children.

Mary Slessor and her 4 adopted children

Maggie Keswick Jencks - a 20th century Scottish artist, writer and garden designer who founded a network of drop-in centres in the UK and Hong Kong (called Maggie's Centres) to help those affected by cancer.

Thanks to the inclusion of these two remarkable women in the Hall Of Heroes, there is now even more inspiration to take away from a visit to the Wallace Monument.

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