Monday, December 4, 2017

Perimeters Of Petrochemical Plants, Parrots & Prisons

P In The Alphabet Of Perimeter Security

Putting pen to paper to publish this post was purely pragmatic and painless! Today we take a look at the letter P in our ongoing series of the A-Z of Perimeter Security. 

Perimeter Protection

The perimeters of outdoor sites come in all shapes and sizes and that can make perimeter protection something of a challenge. A perimeter fence might have changes of direction, curves and bends or the site might cover a vast area. The perimeter security solution for each one will be different. At Advanced Perimeter Systems we have seen and supplied perimeter protection for just about every configuration of outdoor site you can imagine!

Here are three examples of enormously varied sites that we have had to protect:
  • An international airport with a 17 kilometre-long concrete wall around it that needed electric fence protection. 
  • The 13 kilometres of perimeter fence around the Great Pyramids of Giza that needed perimeter detection capability.
  • The parrot cage at Edinburgh Zoo to stop thieves stealing their rare parrots. The theft of rare birds, especially parrots, is an increasing problem in the UK as this report shows.

NOTE: Even these three photos start with the letter P!

Petrochemical Plants

Petrochemical plants across the world have all used our perimeter security systems. From plants in the UK to as far afield as Hawaii, our electric fence and fence detection products provide perimeter protection there.


The perimeter of a prison site is a little different when it comes to security because not only do you have to stop breaches into the compound (attempts to smuggle in drugs and weapons) but the primary objective is to prevent prisoners leaving! Perimeter security for prisons can therefore be much more complex. Advanced Perimeter Systems has provided electric fencing, perimeter detection and microwave detection in different operational combinations for many prison sites in a variety of countries including the United States.

We could delve into an even bigger list under the letter P as we have provided perimeter protection for palaces, police sites, pharmaceutical plants and ports. Suffice it to say that when it comes to perimeter security, the alphabet knows no bounds!

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